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Floyd Edward MONTOUR [Parents] was born on 6 Nov 1913 in Wagner Township, Clayton co., Iowa. He died on 24 Aug 1983 in McGregor, Clayton co., Iowa. Floyd married Lena ???.


Lena ??? was born in 1959. Lena married Floyd Edward MONTOUR.

Lloyd SCHERF. Lloyd married JoAnn WAGNER.

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JoAnn WAGNER [Parents] was born in 1945. JoAnn married Lloyd SCHERF.

David WAGNER [Parents] was born in 1947. David married ?? ??.

?? ??. ?? married David WAGNER.

Lee Roy KINGMAN. Lee married Delores WAGNER.

Delores WAGNER [Parents]. Delores married Lee Roy KINGMAN.

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They had the following children.

  M i
Brandon Randy KINGMAN died in Before 2010.

Jerome SCHULTZ. Jerome married Elaine WAGNER on 25 Jan 1958 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Farmersburg, IA.

Elaine WAGNER [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1939 in Farmersburg, Clayton Co., IA. She died on 9 Jun 2009 in St. Luke's Hospital, Cedar Rapids, IA. Elaine married Jerome SCHULTZ on 25 Jan 1958 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Farmersburg, IA.

Lived in She worked as Farming; Monona Wire Corp.; Farmersburg Implement; Hanson Chiropractic.. Lived in

They had the following children.

  F i Juliet SCHULTZ.
  M ii Tom SCHULTZ.
  M iii Alan SCHULTZ.
  F iv Barbara SCHULTZ.
  F v Sara SCHULTZ.
  F vi Rhonda SCHULTZ.
  M vii

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William BRUNS. William married Emma GLAWE.

Emma GLAWE. Emma married William BRUNS.

They had the following children.

  F i Lucille Mary Louise BRUNS was born on 11 Apr 1909. She died on 29 Dec 2010.
  M ii Ed BRUNS.
  F iii Annes BRUNS.
  F iv Gwendlyn BRUNS.
  F v Gladys BRUNS.
  F vi Dorothy BRUNS.
  M vii
Herbert BRUNS.
  M viii
Willliam BRUNS.
  M ix
Norbert BRUNS.
  M x
Everette BRUNS.

?? MOHR. ?? married Annes BRUNS.

Annes BRUNS [Parents]. Annes married ?? MOHR.

Ed BRUNS [Parents]. Ed married Maude ??.

Maude ??. Maude married Ed BRUNS.

?? MOYER. ?? married Gwendlyn BRUNS.

Gwendlyn BRUNS [Parents]. Gwendlyn married ?? MOYER.

?? DIETRICH. ?? married Gladys BRUNS.

Gladys BRUNS [Parents]. Gladys married ?? DIETRICH.

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